This crash footage was taken May 21, 2019 at Squaw Valley in Olympic Valley, California by the SwansonFineArts team.

Crash Footage: SwansonFineArts 2019

It was the perfect powder day at the top of the mountain.

My wrist was injured in the fall, but my helmet protected my head and new bindings kept my knees safe. Our group always wears our helmets and we encourage you to join us. You never know when you might fall or bump your head. This particular day we had skied safely through trees, variable snow (mostly powder), and then I hit a hidden rock and fell on flat ground approximately ten feet from having my skis off. So wear your helmet even if the terrain does not seem particularly challenging or dangerous. You might be glad you did!

Music by Orion Williams “Royalty-Free Benny Hill Theme Alternative


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