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Whether you are a beginner skier, or returning after a serious injury, the gentle beginner area at Alpine Meadows is a great place to learn and grow. The Subway chair is a green beginners chair located next to Achieve Tahoe which serves adaptive skiers of all ages and abilities.


A good progression path for a first-time skier at Alpine Meadows would be to start on the flat ground at the base of the Subway chair. There you can practice standing, walking, and gliding without worry of fast or more advanced skiers. Get the feel of your gear, learn how to put your skis on and off, and talk to other beginners to make new friends.

Once you outgrow the Subway area and can turn, stop, side-step, side-slip, duck-walk (also called herringbone), and easily load/unload from the chairlift, then you are ready to move-on to the Meadow chair which is also green and takes you a little bit higher up within the beginner’s area.

Video: Closing Day at Alpine Meadows (unstabilized)
  1. Beginner to Intermediate: Green-25%
    • Subway Chair
    • Mountain Meadow
  2. Intermediate-Advanced: Blue- 45%
    • Treeline Cirque (get off at the first stop)
    • Kangaroo Chair
    • Treeline Cirque to Yellow Chair –> Weasel or Loop
    • Roundhouse
    • Lakeview
  3. Expert-Only: Black- 30%
    • Summit
    • Scott Chair
    • Alpine Bowl Chair

      Note: There are some areas of each of these chairs that lead to easier/harder terrain, but this is a basic outline of where you should ski if you are a beginner, intermediate, advanced intermediate, or expert skier.

This year opening day is delayed at Alpine Meadows by the installation of the new Treeline Cirque chairlift, which replaces Hot Wheels and extends the chair up to Art’s Nob and the top of Sherwood Express. Squaw Valley-Alpine Meadows (SVAM) will open the Squaw side of the resort on November 15th and Alpine Meadows will open sometime in December.

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