Dubbed the “100 yards of yardsale,” this crash took place on the Lakeview to Weasel return at Alpine Meadows on February 28th around 11:45am. I was carrying some speed from the Mountain View to Weasel path and popped off a small bump then landed too far in the backseat.

It was a dual bootout, dual pole ejection full-out yard sale!

I received some minor bruises, but am happy to report that there were no serious injuries. Both skiers pictured in the background checked to make sure that I was okay, which I was because I slid rather than disbursing the energy in a single impact.

Always wear a helmet and ski/ride with a friend. My ski buddy was waiting for me a little lower on the hill, and we were able to text each other to communicate. What safety precautions do you take when skiing?