Today is the first bisque fire of 2020 for the SwansonFineArts studio!

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Watch this short video to see the RampMaster II controller used on the Evenheat High-Fire 2327. I wasn’t able to film while I made the selections, but here is a quick look at the current kiln firing.

When starting a bisque fire, it is best to open the peep holes and prop the lid until the kiln reaches a temperature of around 1,000* F/ 537.78*C. Propping the lid and opening the peeps allows any burned off material to escape the kiln instead of latching onto your elements and sensors.

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Bisque Firing Process:

  1. Make sure all of your clay is fully dry.
  2. Vacuum your kiln immediately before use to remove all dust.
  3. Carefully load your kiln. Clay without any underglaze can be stacked, but any colorations should be stacked separately.
  4. Fire to cone 04 (aprox 1945*F/1062.78*C).
  5. Glaze and re-fire to cone 06.

Once you close the lid and peep-holes, leave them shut until the kiln is less than 300*F then you can start opening the peep holes to finish the cooling and unloading process. Although a short 4-hr bisque fire is over in just a few hours, it can take up to 48hrs to fully cool and be able to safely remove your work.

Pulling ceramics out of a hot kiln too quickly can lead to cracks in both your kiln and your ceramic arts, so it is best to let it cool naturally unless you are trained in quick-cool methods. Quick-cooling is generally frowned upon because of the risks, but in high production studios can be a great way to meet deadlines for multiple artists sharing a common kiln.

Ceramic Tile- Painted Still Life

This 4.25" square tile was shipped to me by a business here in the United States and glazed in our Reno studio. Every image is hand-painted, so please expect some deviation/differences in each unique piece of art. Tile is intended to use as a coaster or hot-plate and has four stick-on rubber feat for better grip and preventing scratches on your favorite surfaces. Price includes FREE shipping anywhere in the United States and all taxes/fees paid too.


Small 1oz Cup (Shot Glass)-Set of 2

These beautiful handmade shot glasses hold slightly less than 1oz and features the "Om" symbol on one side and a carved flower on the other. Set of two. Price includes shipping and taxes. Please understand that these are handmade and may have slight differences in color, shape, or other unique attributes.