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We have shot glasses that are handmade or mass-printed, and offer a wide range of styles and logos. If you’d like custom work, please let us know and we are always happy to help.

Shot Glass: Airbrushed Still Life

This airbrushed still life is professionally printed onto this 1oz shot glass and shipped to you at no additional cost. Price also includes all taxes and fees. Thank you for shopping SwansonFineArts!


Shot Glass: Airbrushed Scene of Lake Tahoe

One of our earliest works, this airbrushed scene of Lake Tahoe is available on a variety of cups and other merchandise. Please ask if you are interested in packages with this work, and enjoy free shipping and taxes paid. No hidden fees.


Shot Glass: Airbrushed Seahorse

This seahorse mandala was painted during the same painting class as the airbrushed still life. It was one of my first freehand airbrush works, and was later replicated on metal in an automotive airbrushing class. Thank you for considering my work. Price includes all shipping plus taxes.


Shot Glass: Sad Clown

I airbrushed this clown around Halloween and think it looks more sad than pondering despite my original intent. So, here it is…the sad clown.Price includes all shipping and taxes. Thank you for supporting SwansonFineArts!


Shot Glass: Outer Heart

This 1oz shot glass is professionally printed with our “Outer Heart” painting that features both airbrush and acrylic painting techniques. Price includes shipping and taxes. Thank you for supporting small business!


Shot Glass: Inner Heart

Inner Heart shot glass holds approximately one ounce of liquid and features a professional print of this painting. No additional costs for shipping or taxes, we cover all the fees for you. Enjoy!


Shot Glass: SFA Van Gogh Mandala

Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh, this painting utilizes swirled brush strokes and abstract use of color. It also includes aspects from other artists such as the concept of pointilism which was first made famous by George Seurat.Price includes all shipping and taxes, thank you for choosing SwansonFineArts for your home and office!