In last month’s “Painted Still Life” post, I shared a still life that was painted in both acrylic and airbrush for comparison. Today, I am proud to present that same still life as the first of many glazed ceramic tiles.

Ceramic Tile- Painted Still Life

This 4.25" square tile was shipped to me by a business here in the United States and glazed in our Reno studio. Every image is hand-painted, so please expect some deviation/differences in each unique piece of art. Tile is intended to use as a coaster or hot-plate and has four stick-on rubber feat for better grip and preventing scratches on your favorite surfaces. Price includes FREE shipping anywhere in the United States and all taxes/fees paid too.


Ceramic Tile Set- Still Life + Red Flowers

Get this combined tile set and receive both of the hand-painted ceramic tiles as pictured. Gift set contains two ceramic tiles that are 4.25" and made in Mexico and hand-painted in the United States. Set includes still life painting and red flowers in a field. Price includes all shipping and taxes, no hidden fees.


These tiles are intended for use as a hot plate or coaster, but can also be turned into wall hangings depending on how you mount the tile when you are finished glazing. For hot plate, simply attach rubber feat to the bottom four corners. This design can also be used for coasters, or you may choose to glue some fabric (such as felt) to the bottom. The best way to hang these tiles is to fully frame them, but you can also use wire-hanging methods for a more modern look. For tile installation, make sure your tile has grooves for best adhesion.

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Here are the steps…

  1. Make or buy a bisque ceramic tile for this project.
  2. Choose your still life and draw the outline in pencil.
  3. Use underglaze to paint your image onto your tile.
  4. Let dry then spray with your favorite clear coat.
  5. Fire to desired cone, likely cone 06 (1830*)- cone 04 (1940*).
  6. Cool. Unload from kiln and inspect.
  7. Rinse thoroughly.
  8. Add rubber feet.
  9. Check to make sure your coaster/hot pad sits level.
  10. Enjoy your creation!

Note: For those who do not have access to a kiln, you can try these same steps except use acrylic or oil paints on the tile followed by a clear spray.

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