Thank you for visiting our ceramic tiles page here at SwansonFineArts. While there are only one of each tile currently available, we are taking Christmas pre-orders and will proudly guarantee you your gift on-time.

Ceramic Tile- Painted Still Life

This 4.25" square tile was shipped to me by a business here in the United States and glazed in our Reno studio. Every image is hand-painted, so please expect some deviation/differences in each unique piece of art. Tile is intended to use as a coaster or hot-plate and has four stick-on rubber feat for better grip and preventing scratches on your favorite surfaces. Price includes FREE shipping anywhere in the United States and all taxes/fees paid too.


Ceramic Tile Set- Painted Still Life & Red Flowers

Get this combined tile set and receive both of the hand-painted ceramic tiles as pictured. Gift set contains two ceramic tiles that are 4.25" and made in Mexico and hand-painted in the United States. Set includes still life painting and red flowers in a field. Price includes all shipping and taxes, no hidden fees.


Ceramic Tile- Sunset on a Lake

This beautiful hand-painted ceramic tile is proudly painted in our studio in Reno, Nevada. We offer comprehensive packages to our artists, and work closely with Nevada's vocational rehabilitation department so you can feel good about spending money on our website. Each tile comes with four rubber feat to for use as a coaster or hot plate. Price includes all shipping and taxes, thank you for shopping!


Ceramic Tile Set- Sunset on a Lake + Boat at Sea

These two tiles compliment each other well and include a red/orange sunset variation. Both tiles come with four rubber feat to protect your favorite surfaces while using this tile as a coaster or hot plate. You can also mount these to the wall with the rubberized feet protecting your paint. Price includes all shipping plus taxes. thank you for shopping with us and supporting the arts.


Ceramic Tile- Rocketship

This rocketship is very faint compared to the vast outer-reaches of space. It is suggested in vague outline, but no details present other than the stars and pitch-black of space. Price includes shipping and taxes plus a contribution to help disabled Americans gain workforce training. Thank you for supporting SwansonFineArts!


Ceramic Tile Set- Rocketship and Lake at Night

Get both of these ceramic tiles as pictured. One is a basic outline of a rocketship (left) and the other is a night view of a lake. Get this set and help support small business! Price includes all shipping/handling and taxes. Thank you for supporting!


Ceramic Tile: Blue Sunset

This simple tile will accent any home or office. Comes with four rubber feet for use as coaster or hot plate. Measures 4.25" square, and comes with all shipping and taxes included.


Ceramic Tile Set- Blue Sunsets Set

This set of blue sunset tiles will be perfect for your home or office. Use as a hot plate or coaster to protect your favorite table, these 4.25" square tiles come with rubberized feet to make sure that it won't scratch or mar any surface. Price includes shipping and taxes. Thank you for shopping with SwansonFineArts!


Handmade Ceramic Shot Glass- Gear Theme

This gear themed ceramic shot glass is proudly handmade in our Reno studio. We handcraft the clay, fire it, glaze/paint it, fire it again, and finally wrap and ship it. Every aspect of this cup is handmade and provides a job to Nevada vocational rehab clients. Price includes shipping and taxes. Thank you for shopping with!


Handmade Gift Set: Gear Themed Shot Glass+ Coasters

Get this whole set with two hand-painted ceramic tiles and a fully handmade ceramic shot glass with gears carved into the side of it. The shot glass is fully handmade starting with processing our own clay reclaim, then shaping it, firing it, painting/glazing, then firing it again. Price includes all shipping, taxes, and other fees. Thank you for shopping!


Ceramic Tile Set: Flower Triptych

Enjoy this beautiful flowered triptych with the word "Peace" on the center tile. Each tile is professionally glazed in our studio in Reno, Nevada and profits help support our relationship with the Nevada Department of Education Rehabilitation and Training. Thank you for supporting SwansonFineArts, we hope you enjoy your hand-painted ceramic tiles.


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