Today marks the first day of operation for many businesses in Nevada. While the stay-at-home order has been extended, there is now opportunity to do curbside pickup and delivery for retail businesses.

Soon our economy will fully open, and people will need masks to help prevent the resurgence of COVID that the CDC has predicted could happen if we opened too soon or do not take precautions upon opening.

And that’s where the SwansonFineArts studio comes in!

What we have to Offer

Our studio has plenty of fabric and we will donate our fabric and our time to make masks for our community.

We are also offering to put profits from our aesthetic mask collections toward the cost of materials. During this time, purchase any decorative mask from our store (including wall decor) and profits will help us to distribute high-quality reusable fabric masks to help stop COVID.

What we Need

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A serger machine helps to keep edges from fraying, and works faster than a standard sewing machine. Having this machine will speed-up our production of COVID masks, and improve the quality as well.

Here are the items that we need to make more masks and help our community be prepared this fall. If you have any of these items available, please ship them to us in new or like-new condition so that they can be safely used on face masks. We will also recommend that face masks be washed before wearing.

We Need:

** Please ship to SwansonFineArts at P.O. Box 11202 Reno, NV 89502. **

Find out which items still need to be acquired, just click HERE!

Our VIP program is in the early stages of development. Get in on the ground floor with immediate access to premium content. Send us the supplies we need to help our community, and we will make you a VIP through the end of the year.☺