Update 7/12/20: We have received several requests for ear protectors to keep masks from rubbing on people’s ears. Thanks to generous donations from friends and family, we will be able to manufacture both masks and ear protectors.

Update 7/22/20: Today the first batch of ear protectors is being given away. We made enough ear protectors for thirteen people and have already given out four of them. More will be printed soon and we are also trying to develop a new style which we plan to share in the coming weeks.


While we recognize that mask policies may be controversial, our state now requires them for conducting business or being in public areas. Help us to provide comfort to Nevada residents who must wear masks all day by providing ear protectors…just CLICK HERE to donate!

You can also help prepare yourself and your family to be ready in case of a second round of COVID by shopping from our Appocalist! Be prepared to live a few days without power or a few weeks with grocery store closures and difficulty finding things. Please take a moment to check our list and let us know anything we are missing.