These ear savers help to hold your mask off of your ears and to adjust the tension for a comfortable fit. We have been making them as quickly as possible, and getting them out to medical facilities and other essential workers…now you can buy them for your family too.

Mask Straps- BLACK and YELLOW

Get two 3D printed ear savers for just $6.99. Price includes both shipping and tax. Now you can enjoy comfort at a reasonable price. Package includes TWO (2) 3D printed ear savers. One is black and the other one is yellow. Mask holders!


Mask Straps- BLACK and RED

Two 3D Printed mask strap holders. Package comes with one red strap and one black strap. Price includes all shipping and taxes.


Mask Straps- BLACK and WHITE

Package includes on black strap and one white strap. Price includes all shipping, handling, and taxes. Thank you for choosing SwansonFineArts!


If you would like to donate these straps to medical clinics, our studio will match your contribution. Just CLICK HERE to make a donation and we will double it to help provide these to our community.

Bulk Pricing

Mask Straps- BULK BLACK

This package contains FIVE (5) black ear savers. Price includes all shipping, handling, and taxes. Great economy package for your family, or to give out during your day. All shipments come in a sealed package. Questions? Please ask!



This variety pack contains one red, one yellow, one white, and one black ear strap. Every package is sealed to protect you and your family from any germs or dirt, and is shipped to you at no extra cost. What you see is what you pay...includes all shipping, handling, and taxes.


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