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My name is Rochelle Swanson, and I am a professional artist that incorporates many different arts under one roof. I enjoy airbrush, ceramics, sewing (which also includes embroidery and leatherwork), and photography…but especially love the areas where my arts overlap and I get to incorporate both digital and physical mediums.

My Ski History

I grew up skiing cross-country in the backcountry, and from an early age my tips were drawn downhill. The pull was more than gravity, and became a lifelong love for downhill skiing.

As I grew, my participation increased. I went from skiing day one on the flat ground to a junior instructor, then teaching classes by myself. After a few years of teaching, I became an assistant in an adaptive program which became my home for a long time.

I worked my way up in the program, and watched kids develop. It was one of the most satisfying and important contributions that I could make, and it was wonderful to see the smiles and growth.

Now I am a part-time photojournalist in the ski and snowboard industry, and have enjoyed taking pictures, writing articles, and making videos about our adventures. What are your favorite ski stories?

Community Leadership

In order for society to function, everyday people must step up and help ourselves, our neighbors, family, and strangers. Checkout our current Mask Holders/Ear Savers project. We are working with local businesses to help workers get access to ear savers, and encourage everyone to get involved in your community too.

Art and Music

I’ve received formal art training and studied art through the ages, but my favorite arts tend to be high-tech. I love the merger of old and new art forms, such as old fashioned leather tooling paired with modern 3D printing or combining digital arts with physical mediums. I also really enjoy music, and specialize in combining different music genres as well as sound effects and voiceovers.

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