How can learning to manage chaos better prepare supervisors for their jobs in the next decade?

Unfortunately the world has become very chaotic. From drought and large fires to riots and COVID, supervisors in today’s world have many sources of chaos and must be able to quickly identify the most important problems to devote their time and company resources to.

With efforts for downsizing supervisors are expected to maintain quality, quantity of products, and other standards with fewer employees and fewer supervisors to help them manage problems in addition to doing daily management tasks such as the five functions that Henri Fayol said all managers must perform.

A. Planning
B. Organizing
C. Commanding
D. Coordinating
E. Controlling

Together these tasks cover all of the day-to-day activities such as monitoring and motivating employees, resolving conflicts, allocating resources, assigning work, organizing the supervision heirarchy, and making decisions in a timely fashion.

While some business are able to close in the evening and on holidays/weekends, more and more businesses are moving to a 24/7 schedule-especially with employees in different timezones and countries available to take calls, answer emails, and host chats at literally all hours because of the global employee network.

That gives big businesses advantages in being able to keep their enterprises going 24/7 but has the disadvantage of making employees work on holidays, makes workers replaceable instead of valued and showing loyalty, and makes it harder for small family businesses to compete when their competitors are able to be available at all hours. This changes the culture within families and cities when different members are on different schedules, and can cause conflict of not being on the same biological clock for waking, sleeping, eating, working, and other items.

Managers must increasingly be able to deal with unusual sleep cycles, angry customers, changes in legislation that effect their business, and other factors which can create chaos for them in their work environment. Good supervisors must be able to keep a cool and focused mind even among chaos, which is one reason that sometimes good employees may not make good supervisors even if they are the best employee on the line.

What do you think that supervisors should be most prepared for?

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