Today I cancelled my credit card after a racially-charged advertisement went out over the radio. It will mean sacrifices and headaches, but it is worth it to stand up against racism and I encourage every single one of my followers to please #DumpDiscover.

While racism has existed in America in the past, much work had been done to reduce-almost eliminate-the impact that it has on people’s ability to get access to education, scholarships, jobs, and other opportunities.

People of all colors gained the access to vote, to work for our government, to be elected as a representatives, to become doctors, lawyers, physicists, architects, and work in other challenging fields. We voted for Obama to become president, and had high hopes that it would further bring equality to all Americans for a black family to live and work in the highest office in the land.

But in today’s world, BlackLivesMatter(TM) tells us that we are racist if we do not escalate their organization above all else. While we should be pulling together and making sure that ALL small businesses, employees, artists, micro-businesses, and homeless of all colors and backgrounds are taken care of…they want us to elevate this one organization as the center focus.

It no longer “counts” if you treat people with equality, hire with non-discrimination policies to seek the best employees, and do your best to help the people you come in contact with in your daily lives.

It no longer “counts” that our mayors, senators, governors, law enforcement, and other government servants have proclaimed support for Black Lives. The riots are in cities which are governed by BLM activists, and no one blinks an eye to question why there are riots in the most progressive cities in our nation with the most acceptance of all skin colors, gender+sexual orientation, and other backgrounds.

It no longer “counts” to give to charity, unless you make sure that you give to only one color of skin.

…and that is why I am dumping Discover.

They had an opportunity to bring people together and uplift families and small businesses in peril, to sponsor multicultural activities, or find another way to bring people together with the money they wanted to donate/give away. But they put racial standards on who could apply.