Today we are pleased to announce that we are back in the studio!

While our ceramics department is temporarily on-hold, SwansonFineArts is pleased to announce that we are back in the studio airbrushing, making digital arts, music, and sewing/embroidery. Our first priority will be to get caught up on back-orders and we hope to make ceramics again this spring. This past year was very difficult for all of us, but we are pleased to announce that we are working hard toward recovery. Please send your best wishes both for a good economy and healing in the coming year. We will also share about pain management and physical health in the community section because we feel that is very important for others to not feel alone and it helps us to connect with you all as well to share our journey into the new year.

Thank you all for your continued support…HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Our airbrush is up and ready-to-paint! We are back in the studio and working to develop new patterns and get back in practice. Let us know what types of things you would like to see…or enjoy our existing airbrush posts.

Airbrush posts:

Digital Arts

We are proud to support open-source software such as GIMP, Inkscape, Kdenlive, and Blender. Join us for digital arts tutorials and behind-the-scenes into creation of logos, digital drawings, and animations as we move forward. This section of our website will include the digital setup for embroidery, 3-D printing, animations, and image creation. Contact us to request digital arts or join us for discussions on arts and technology.

Upcoming Articles:
  • Intro to GIMP
  • Intro to Inkscape


Our studio uses live recording, digital sounds, and real instruments in wild combinations that we hope you will enjoy. Some of our music is VIP-only, and other pieces are released free so that everyone can enjoy our site. You can help us to put out more free content by making a donation and be sure to visit our shop to help us stay in business in 2021.

Music Posts:


We have some beautiful pictures to post in the coming weeks and months. In addition we will continue to try to take new pictures in the coming year and look forward to sharing our journey with you. Let us know in the comments what your favorite types of landscapes are!

Photography Articles


The SwansonFineArts studios are proud to present our new sewing and embroidery department. It is currently in the initial startup phase, but soon we will be able to sew and embroider with ease. Learn how to sew or order sewing accents…we hope that you enjoy our new sewing, embroidery, and leatherwork section.

Machine Sewing

Using a sewing machine is very easy and efficient. Join our discussions on sewing techniques, different types of sewing machines, fabrics, tension settings, and other machine sewing topics.


Even if you plan to primarily use a sewing machine, hand-stitching is a necessary skill. Use it on thick fabrics that cannot fit in your machine, difficult to get to areas, or for stitching only through one or two layers of a project.


Learn about and view our beautiful embroidery patterns. Machine embroidery is fantastic because you can create or purchase a pattern and use it time after time with different colors and sizes. Our digital section will cover the tech aspects of pattern creation and the computer-end of things while this section will focus on how to interact and work with the embroidery machine, adding embellishments, and how to embroider by hand.


Sewing is an essential aspect of leatherwork and we will take you on our journey for creating patterns, cutting, shaping, tooling, dying, and sewing leather projects.

Sewing Articles:


Our shop has our most recent and currently available items, and we are always happy to do custom orders.

We have also received several requests for online classes, so watch for classes in the coming year! Each course will cover basics as well as advanced techniques, and you can help us to develop our curriculum. Let us know in the comments what topics you would like to have a class on and we will see what we can do!

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