Welp…it looks like it’s going to be totaled. We were in the process of buying this car and just paid our insurance deductible to have it repaired from another accident where someone hit and ran. Had it back for one week. Yep, one week.


What’s next?

We are going to regroup, take out loans, and get a new car so that we can safely bring you pictures and video from around our region while continuing to develop our studio. Our hope is to do more with computer graphics, embroidery, and hopefully ceramics again although that might have to be postponed until spring-we’ll see.

What Happened???

Storyteller was driving and I was not in the car at the time. Someone failed to yield at a green light and caused the accident by turning which deployed airbags in both vehicles and caused some minor injuries.

Safety Features At Work

The safety features worked. Seatbelts became taught like bow strings. The bumper and engine compartment crumpled, and even started to go under the car. If you look closely, you can see where the bolts sheered off and the whole engine started to go under.

What About Airbags?

Airbags are sortof a tossup. While it helps to restrain someone in an accident and keeps them from hitting their face on the steering wheel, they do have significant force and can also burn for a moment.

While he declined emergency care, Storyteller said that the car filled with smoke and he felt burned by the deployment. He is a bit sore today, but mostly okay and we are thankful. The other car had side curtain airbags which deployed and no one was seriously hurt, thank goodness.

Anything Else?

Drive safe out there, and watch for other drivers.

  • Double-yellow means you aren’t supposed to turn or pass there.
  • Blinkers are there for a reason, turn them on for other drivers.
  • Don’t camp the left lane. Use it to pass then get back over.
  • Green means yield. Green arrow means it’s ok to blindly turn.
  • Drive safe. Be aware.

What do you think people could do to make the roads more pleasant to drive?

Let us know in the comments!