The Dixie Fire has gotten out-of-control again. News reports have shown devastating photos of cars and homes that have burned, but many have left out the maps that help give this perspective. The Dixie Fire merged with the Fly Fire and is surrounded by multiple smaller fires, making it one of the largest fires in California’s history as well as the most active current threat.

For several weeks, firefighters have battled this blaze with helicopters and ground crews to try to bring it under control. There were even a few days of rain which helped them to keep it contained for a while.

But it has gotten out of control…

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And yesterday it progressed to the North…

Overnight the fire took the City of Greenville, and moved North toward Mt. Lassen.

If you are having to evacuate, contact…

And be sure to keep an eye on the fire maps.

We wish everyone in the fire’s path well.

Thank you to all of the firefighters.

Stay safe everyone!