Yesterday we posted the fire maps showing expansion of the Dixie Fire in Northern California.

Today we are saddened to inform you that the Dixie Fire has continued to spread and has burned the small town of Greenville. There was significant history to that old mining town, and a certain nostalgia from such a small community. We wish everyone from Greenville well and hope that you are able to rebuild. Meanwhile we are continuing to watch as the fire spreads and wishing safety to the firefighters and surrounding communities.

Here’s how it has spread…

Earlier this week the fire was rather large but contained. Then it quickly spread…

This image shows the growth in less than 24hrs.

And now the fire spans multiple counties including: Plumas County, Butte, Tehama, Shasta, and Lassen.

News reports show ash coming into Reno and even parts of Carson City. Our air quality has gone downhill and fire departments are spread thin trying to provide resources to the Dixie Fire plus keep on top of daily needs like car accidents and fires within city limits.

The fire department has asked people **NOT** to call in regarding smoke. Only call if you know that there is a fire which has not been reported or you are seeing flames. Our entire region is filled with smoke and is predicted to last several days while they try to get Dixie and other fires under control. Be careful and aware so that new fires are not started and let’s send our best to all of our firefighters working to save homes and lives.

We hope that everyone remains safe and we get these fires under control.