Yesterday we took a trip to the Moment ski factory in Reno. They are currently working on their skis for next season, and Brad was lucky enough to get the very first Deathwish 184″ for the 2021-2022 season!

We have been trying to get him a pair for months now, so we really appreciate Moment helping us out.

The Deathwish will ship August 27th, and there are still 24 available for pre-order. Click HERE to go to their website.

The Deathwish is special because it features the triple-camber system, offering extra pop and some cushion that doesn’t exist in any other ski. It has a lot of edge for such a wide ski (112mm), and is a good all-mountain ski.

The dimensions on the 184 length are 112mm waist, 129mm tail, 138mm tip. It allows for a full-carve radius of 25m, compared to the Sierra which is the women’s version with a turn radius of 18.5m. The Sierra was changed a little bit this year with a slight moderation to the tail, bringing it from 124mm down to 112mm which they say helps get the back end around just a little bit more.

So what’s the downside?

Once you ski a triple-camber you won’t go back. Your other skis will be left wondering what they did wrong and collecting dust until you sell them or turn them into a fence. I thought it was hoopla. I thought it was a sales gimmick. But I have truly not skied my old skis, that I genuinely loved, since I got my Sierras….and it only took Brad one test run to know that he needed to upgrade.

These skis will ruin you.

They will talk you into doing things that you wouldn’t have thought to do otherwise.

They will slash your bank account and leave you wondering how you spent more on gas than you do on rent and more time skiing than going to work, doing things with family, or even keeping in contact with your friends. They are the one true quiver killer.

I have no idea how they sell other skis, but Moment does have a wide selection of other skis outside the Deathwish line if you are not up for the challenge. As their website says, “There’s no going back. Consider this your warning label.”

Ski Safely. But Take Risks.