The Dixie fire has had another night of explosive growth and high winds. This is a copy of the evacuation map, with orange and red indicating mandatory evacuation zones and yellow showing warning areas that should be getting ready to evacuate if they have to.

Journalists took both photos and video as the fire progressed and updated people on social media. Overnight I watched as the fire grew and began to threaten the small town of Janesville…and then started to see the pictures and videos pouring in.

Around 10pm, journalists confirmed that the fire had reached US-395 and Painter’s Lane just outside Janesville. Others speculated about how far it would reach by morning, and still more worried how much further it could spread.

The brown splotches show areas which are inhabited. Darker areas indicate higher populations and the red dots show where the fire is actively burning while the red line shows the fire’s overall footprint.

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Dixie Fire has merged with the Fly Fire (no longer a named fire since it was overtaken by Dixie), the L-1/Morgan Fire, and L-2/Christie Fire which were started by lightning earlier this week. Crews have managed to save the small town of Chester, and so far the Almanor Peninsula is holding up but the towns of Susanville, Janestown, and Milford are now in the fire’s path.

Although Susanville is on the outskirts of the warning zone, it is still serving as the emergency shelter…

Lassen Community College in Susanville. The Shelter number is (530) 250-9004

Additional Evacuation Information

Springs of Hope Church at 59 Bell Lane, Quincy

Holy Family Catholic Church at 108 Taylor Ave, Portola

Lassen Community College 478, 200 on CA 139, Susanville 

How YOU can Help Evacuees

Clothing and other immediate needs such as toiletries are the most commonly needed items at the evacuation centers. You can mail a donation to any of the evacuation centers and know that it will go to the people who truly need it most, or CLICK HERE to learn more about the variety of options for helping evacuees as they flee the Dixie Fire.