Here is a map showing both Dixie Fire and the Caldor Fire. While Caldor has been getting a lot of attention because it is in a more densely populated area, Dixie Fire is much larger and does still threaten several communities. This article will help to fill you in on the Dixie Fire, and we wish everyone from both fires well and hope that firefighters are able to save homes in both locations.

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According to the U.S. Forest Service’s Jeff Surber, yesterday was a major day involving backfiring operations, dozer line placement, and water drops from planes. These efforts have temporarily halted progress of the fire to the south and protected communities on all sides of the fire.

It was scary seeing the smoke suddenly increase, and we decided to grab just a few more things then leave. But then the smoke died down and went the other way. We were grateful for the shift in the wind, but also suspected that we may have seen smoke from a backburning operation, which was later confirmed when we saw the video from the forest service talking about the day’s progress.

This photo shows the smoke from the eastern run. And the tiny dot in the cloud is a plane we saw flying over to drop water on the fire, but it is so small compared to the smoke that we could barely see it so you likely can’t see it in the photo even though it’s there.

This shows the span of the fire with two major hotspots billowing up smoke. The smoke spot on the left is coming from just north of Lake Davis and the spot on the right is the run that the fire made toward HWY-395 and the community of Milford.

Here is a view from the Nervino Airport that we mentioned in our evacuation story the other day. This airport remains one of the hubs for emergency equipment and we saw the same helicopter that was there the other day.

With the smoke starting to go the other way, we were able to load more things into a trailer. You may remember Brad from when he bought skis last month. Here he is helping to load a mattress while the smoke lumes in the background.

In the evening we spotted this Forest Service firetruck. We also saw engines from fire departments in southern and central California. We hope that everyone remains safe and that the firefighters are finally able to get control of this blaze.

Be safe everyone.