Today the Forest Service was able to clear a lot of the evacuation areas. For the first time in what feels like forever they have reduced the evacuation zones without adding any new ones. It is excellent news! There are a few dangers still present, but there is also a lot of hope for saving the homes still in the fire’s path.

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The warning and mandatory zones around Lake Almanor have been lifted and the towns of Greenville, Chester, and surrounding communities are able to safely return home. There is a small patch of evacuation zone in Lassen around the Mountain Meadows Reservoir in the Dyer Mountain area but otherwise the Almanor to Susanville cooridor has been cleared.

Today’s fire report is looking good. The Beckwourth fire complex footprint is being used to help stop the spread of Dixie. There are a bunch of homes in direct danger right now, but firefighters are optimistic. And they were able to lift a lot of the evac zone in what used to be the heart of the fire. So cross your fingers!!!

This zone of the fire is the most problematic as it is close to many homes and cabins. While the firefighters have a lot of completed dozer line, you can see the run that made it through near where it says “Bridge Dip.” These two areas of fire are on both sides of homes, which firefighters are working hard to defend.

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You can also see the outlines of Dotta and Sugar Fire from earlier this year. These recently burned areas may help firefighters keep it from spreading further south. It essentially acts as a backburn, and the Forest Service is hopeful that they can push the flames away from homes and into these areas that don’t have any fuels and get more containment.

This map shows the multiple fire lines that firefighters have established between the fire and HWY-395 as well as the town of Milford. While the fire is threatening these areas, firefighters have contingency plans and are waiting to see which way the fire will naturally go before they engage in any more backburning but continue to spray with arial water drops from helicopters and fixed wing aircraft to keep it somewhat controlled.

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Our hearts are with everyone in fire zones.
We are hoping for good outcome for as many people as possible.

Stay safe. Thank you firefighters!