Happy Monday!

Today we are working on custom embroidery for Christmas ornaments, which are currently sold out! We hope to be able to work quickly enough to make more available for last minute sales but right now want to get these done and shipped to the people who have already purchased them.

Thank you to those of you who have purchased ornaments this season. You are helping us to build our dream and keep moving forward which we truly appreciate. Small businesses are the backbone of our country and it takes a lot run them, so thank you for your support!

We currently still have a few Christmas ornaments available…


Ornament- Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree ornament features red fabric on the front and green and white fabric on the back. Each design is prepared and sewn by us. These measure a little bit over two inches tall/wide and are stuffed with premium quilt batting. We hope that you enjoy your ornaments, thank you for shopping with our small business!



Ornament- “Mom” Snowflake

This snowflake ornament is a new design we created to honor all the mothers who give their time to raise wonderful children and make our world a better place by teaching manners, helping with school work, and all the things mothers do to keep your household going day in and day out. It is approximately 2.5″ tall by 2.5″ at the widest point. Back allows you to see the embroidery, and it is hung by a pink ribbon. Ready to ship! Price includes shipping, there are no hidden costs.



Ornament- “Dad” Snowflake

For all the dads out there, this ornament is approximately 2.5″ and can be hung on your Christmas tree or placed on a wall or cubicle to fit your needs. Show your father that you care. Buy for Christmas or the every day. Limited number ready to ship immediately…be the first to purchase!



Ornaments- “Mom” + “Dad”

Get one “Mom” ornament and one “Dad” ornament. “Mom” ornament features red, pink, black, and blue. “Dad” ornament includes green, dark blue, light blue, red, and black. Both ornaments are around two and a half inches and has an open back so that you can see the back of the embroidery. Hanger for the “Mom” ornament is pink and the “Dad” ornament features a green ribbon. We have two sets available to be able to ship immediately. Buy now!



Ornament- Ski Christmas

This Christmas ornament features a skier jumping and doing a safety grab. Perfect for park skiers as well as freestyle cliff jumpers, and really anyone who likes skiing. Made in our studio, we created the design, embroidered it, cut and sew the chord into place, and ship it for you. There are no hidden fees, price includes shipping plus labor and materials all in one. Merry Christmas!



White Sweatshirt- SFA Print

This cotton hoodie is a great all-year sweatshirt. Drawstring tie on the hood, plus it also features a large kangaroo pocket in the front. White sweatshirt size large. More options are available on our T-Spring, please see the link below.


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