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KMAG- Alaska

Political Dates

The Alaska primary will take place by mail until August 18, 2020. Please take a moment to get to know the candidates and help the best make it to the general election.

Alaska Trump: 2020 Tote Bag

This brilliant tote bag is made from the finest materials and features our supporter-made logo for Alaska. Buy now and get it in time to help canvas this summer. Price includes shipping+tax.



Alaska has several different political races for 2020 and we encourage you to take a moment to get to know the candidates and choose the very best person for each position.



State Legislature

The filing date to become a candidate for this race will be June 1, 2020.

Other Alaska Elections

Alaska Trump: Coffee Cup

Enjoy this beautiful covfefe cup for your morning coffee. Show your support for Alaska Trump re-election, and help disabled Americans re enter the workforce with every purchase. Price includes all shipping and taxes.


Alaska Trump: Tall Latte Cup (17oz)

This tall latte cup holds 17oz of your favorite hot or cold beverages. Heat it up or cool it down, this cup is perfect for your favorite coffees and other drinks. Price includes all shipping and taxes. Thank you for supporting SwansonFineArts and voting Trump in 2020!


Additional Information

Alaska also has several ballot initiatives. Please click here to learn more about the upcoming ballot initiatives before you vote this November.

Alaska Trump: Campaign Buttons (10 Pack)

This ten pack of 2.25" campaign buttons lets you show your support for Trump in Alaska this election cycle. Make sure to sign up as a volunteer for your local GOP. Thank you for supporting Trump this election!


Ways to Get Involved

  1. Make sure you are registered to vote at your current address.
  2. Contact your county GOP to help with local elections.
  3. Reach out to the Alaska GOP…just CLICK HERE!

Alaska Trump: Campaign Buttons (Bulk)

Ever thought about buying a box of buttons to give away? Well now's your chance! Every purchase helps Americans with disabilities return to the workforce and shows your support to Keep Making America Great. Price includes 100ct 3.5" buttons and 100ct size 2.5". We will pay all shipping and taxes, there are no hidden fees. Thank you for helping to support Trump in 2020!


Letters to Voters

In support of Scott Presler’s Letters to Voters project, we are happy to provide you with FREE stationary to download and print.

Now you can help us to re-elect President Trump from home. Simply click the download button to start printing stationary and contact your local GOP for names+addresses of local voters to reach out to.

Alaska Merchandise

Alaska has three very important seats in the electoral college. Let’s get out there and help to register new Republican voters, engage/encourage current Republican voters to become volunteers, and help make sure that all registered Republicans make it to the polls to vote Trump in 2020.

Alaska Trump: Canvas Lunch Bag

This canvas lunch bag comes with the Alaska for Trump logo proudly displayed and is shipped to you with no additional fees. We will take care of all the shipping and taxes. Enjoy your new lunch bag!


Alaska Trump: Hat and Water Bottle

Stay safe in the sun this summer with this Alaska for Trump hat and water bottle combo. This baseball cap is one size fits most and features the Alaska for Trump logo created by the SwansonFineArts studio. Learn about your local elections and get involved! Price includes all taxes and shipping.


Get involved today!

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