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Political Dates

Scott Presler (follow him @ScottPresler on Twitter) will be visiting California to help with cleanups and voter registration training on the following dates:

  • July 18 in Sacramento
  • August 15 in Modesto
  • September 4 in San Diego
  • September 5 in Organge Co
  • September 6 in Ventura/Las Angeles

The California primary has already passed. Please get to know the Republican candidates and help them to WIN this November.

California Trump: 2020 Tote Bag

This brilliant tote bag is made from the finest materials and features our supporter-made logo for California. Buy now and get it in time to help canvas this summer. Price includes shipping+tax.



California has several different political races for 2020 and we encourage you to take a moment to get to know the candidates and choose the very best person for each position.

The most important elections in California that we can flip blue to red are:

Letters to Voters

Help send letters to voters in these key races by downloading this FREE stationary and writing a letter to someone and ask them to vote for these candidates.

Now you can help us to re-elect President Trump from home. Simply click the download button to start printing stationary and contact your local GOP for names+addresses of local voters to reach out to

Here is the full list of Republicans running for office in California!

House- District 1

House- District 2

House- District 3

House- District 4

House- District 5

House- District 6

House- District 7

House- District 8

House- District 9

House- District 10

House- District 10

House- District 13

House- District 14

House- District 15

House- District 16

House- District 17

House- District 19

House- District 20

House- District 21

House- District 22

House- District 23

House- District 24

House- District 25

House- District 26

House- District 27

House- District 28

House- District 30

House- District 31

House- District 32

House- District 33

House- District 35

House- District 36

House- District 37

House- District 39

House- District 40

House- District 41

House- District 42

House- District 43

House- District 45

House- District 46

House- District 47

House- District 48

House- District 49

House- District 50

House- District 51

House- District 52

California Trump: Reusable Grocery Bag

This reusable grocery bag is perfect to show your support for President Trump while getting your groceries or heading to the mall. Bag is also suitable for canvassing, so please consider volunteering at your local GOP. Price includes all shipping plus taxes. Thank you for supporting SwansonFineArts and helping to re-elect President Trump.


California State Senate- District 1

California State Senate- District 3

California State Senate- District 5

California State Senate- District 7

California State Senate- District 13

California State Senate- District 17

California State Senate- District 19

California State Senate- District 21

California State Senate- District 23

California State Senate- District 25

California State Senate- District 27

California State Senate- District 29

California State Senate- District 31

California State Senate- District 37

California State Senate- District 39

California Trump Stainless Steel Water Bottle

This stainless steel water bottle holds 1L and features the Trump California supporter-made logo from our studio. Show your support for President Trump while keeping cool this summer. Enjoy this reusable water container!


Other California Elections

California Trump Coffee Cup and Mousepad

Enjoy this set for your home or office, or send as a gift. Set includes 11oz standard coffee cup and 9.25"x7.75" mousepad. Features supporter-made Trump 2020 design, and proceeds help to maintain and expand our website. Thank you for shopping with SwansonFineArts, and thank you for showing your support for President Trump!


Additional Information

California also has several ballot initiatives. Please click here to learn more about the upcoming ballot initiatives before you vote this November.

California Trump: Campaign Buttons-10 Pack

This ten pack of campaign buttons lets you show your support for Trump in California this election cycle. Make sure to sign up as a volunteer for your local GOP. Made by a supporter and not endorsed by the official campaign. Thank you for supporting Trump in 2020!


Ways to Get Involved

  1. Make sure you are registered to vote at your current address.
  2. Contact your county GOP to help with local elections.
  3. Reach out to the California GOP…just CLICK HERE!

California Trump: Campaign Buttons (Bulk)

Ever thought about buying a box of buttons to give away? Well now's your chance! Every purchase helps Americans with disabilities return to the workforce and shows your support to Keep Making America Great. Price includes 100ct 3.5" buttons and 100ct size 2.5". We will pay all shipping and taxes, there are no hidden fees. Thank you for helping to support Trump in 2020!


California Merchandise

California has more than fifty seats in the Electoral College to win. Let’s get out there and help to register new Republican voters, engage/encourage current Republican voters to become volunteers, and help make sure that all registered Republicans make it to the polls to vote Trump in 2020.

California Trump: Canvas Lunch Bag

This canvas lunch bag comes with the California for Trump logo proudly displayed and is shipped to you with no additional fees. We will take care of all the shipping and taxes. Enjoy your lunch bag!


California Trump: Greeting Cards + Notebook

This set comes with ten greeting cards and a journal that all feature the California for Trump logo created by our studio. We encourage everyone to get involved in making calls and writing letters, and this package will help! Price includes shipping plus taxes. No hidden fees!


California Trump: Shot+ Drinking Glass

Show your support for President Trump's re-election with this ceramic shot glass and drinking cup combo. Price includes all shipping and taxes. Thank you for shopping with SwansonFineArts!


California Trump: Hat and Water Bottle

Stay safe in the sun this summer with this California for Trump hat and water bottle combo. This baseball cap is one size fits most and features the California for Trump logo created by the SwansonFineArts studio. Learn about your local elections and get involved! Price includes all taxes and shipping.


California Trump: Golf Balls (Set of 3)

Enjoy this set of three golf balls with our California for Trump logo. Perfect as gifts, or to use in your own game. We hope you enjoy these unique golf balls, thank you for shopping SwansonFineArts!


California Trump: Decorative Pillow

This decorative throw pillow is perfect for your home or to give as a gift. Image measures 11x11" and says "Trump California." Supporter design. Price includes all shipping plus taxes plus supports disabled Americans returning to the workforce. Thank you for supporting SwansonFineArts and voting Trump2020!


Get involved today!

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